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Clients of Financial Advisors

Medicare is an important part of the financial planning process. Your trusted financial advisor has likely directed you to us to help you navigate Medicare under their watchful eye. The Medicare Execution Process™ was designed with client and financial advisor in mind to educate you on how Medicare works, on your options, and what to do when. Most clients of the financial advisors we work with have unique needs centered around having higher income, and with trying to understand when to maximize/minimize income for the purposes of managing Medicare premiums.

This process is designed to not only educate you, but to help you execute on the best options for you, and report those results back to your financial advisor.

The 3 most common times we meet clients for the first time are:

  1. Age 64
  2. Age 65+ still working and about to retire
  3. When your financial advisor suggests an annual review.

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Financial Advisors

Medicare Planning is the most overlooked part of the financial planning process. We get it. When Brian McArthur created the Medicare Execution Process™, he did so with financial advisors in mind. This is the ONE part of the financial plan when clients are looking AWAY from you for advice.

We work with financial advisors across the USA to engage clients about Medicare at the exact time to get clients looking back TOWARDS you. We operate this process in a way that reflects positively on you; their trusted financial advisor who they already trust with so much.

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Brian McArthur is the only financial advisor-facing content expert on Medicare who has actually enrolled over 1100 high net worth clients of financial advisors into Medicare. Brian likely enrolls more clients of financial advisors into Medicare than anyone else in the United States on an annual basis. He has REAL experience to call upon from interacting with clients ranging from $1M -$100MM net worth.

If you’d like to learn what Brian has observed in over 1100 interactions with clients of financial advisors, and how to train teams of financial advisors or wholesalers to demonstrate leadership regarding Medicare, contact Ro Morrison and Associates.Contact Ro Morrison & Associates

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The Medicare Execution Process™

  • Increases communication between client and financial advisor at the ideal time
  • Helps financial advisors demonstrate leadership on a topic that the client doesn’t expect their help on
  • Guides the client to an actual Medicare result, AND...
  • Leads the client and financial advisor to subsequent important topics in the financial plan
top three reasons

Financial Advisors share with us why their advice STOPS at Medicare:

  1. I have no credible education source/partner
  2. I can’t invest the time to learn/ re-learn Medicare due to imminent and frequent changes, for zero revenue, and risk poor execution
  3. I’ve invested the time to try to learn Medicare through well intentioned wholesaler partners, but with no results.

We teach Financial Advisors how to save the day by calling clients at the perfect time when the client is most grateful, assuring the client that the advisor has a plan.

That plan – the Medicare Execution Process™ – puts the advisor back in the driver's seat regarding the client's Medicare Enrollment. Engaging a client about Medicare IMMEDIATELY protects the client from HAVING to engage an insurance agent who is unknown, untested, and untrusted.


Our team of tenured former/retired Wholesalers are licensed Medicare Insurance Agents who understand financial advisors, and the many expectations put upon them to navigate different parts of a client’s financial plan. Not having a plan for guiding your clients through Medicare leaves exposure to outside and unknown insurance agents to HAVE to counsel YOUR client. We are financial advisor-focused, and as licensed insurance agents transacting business only in Medicare, your client nor you pay anything to get our counsel. 86% of the Medicare policies we sell come by way of financial advisor partners like you.

The Medicare Execution Process ensures that the Medicare planning experience with the client ALWAYS reflects positively on the architect of the client's financial plan, their financial advisor!

Brian McArthur is experienced in guiding financial advisors on how to guide clients from a Medicare planning conversation, into other areas of financial planning on subsequent days. The three most common opportunities that result from using the Medicare Execution Process™ are:

  • Lifetime income planning to fund Medicare-related premiums.
  • Long Term Care planning to fill in the gaps that Medicare leaves.
  • 401k rollover opportunities.

Speaking of the Medicare Execution Process...

To book Brian McArthur to educate your team of Wholesalers, Financial Advisors, or for client seminars, please contact
Ro Morrison and Associates.

Book Brian McArthur
Brian McArthur of Ro Morrison & Associates


Brian’s tenure as a wholesaler, mixed with his empathetic approach to guiding my clients through Medicare is exactly what I was looking for to step up the level of guidance that I’ve wanted to offer to clients. I’ve been searching for a partner that doesn’t just educate about Medicare, but who’s guidance results in the client’s actual enrollment into Medicare. I maintain contact / oversight and Brian’s process keeps me at the center of this process, protecting clients from outside insurance agents, and sets my clients at ease that I’ve got a plan for their healthcare needs in retirement.

-Bob / Senior VP of Investments, Financial Advisor

We rely on Brian to train our financial advisors to take charge of the Medicare Planning for our clients. Brian has explained Medicare to our clients individually and en masse, and creates the bridge between a client’s Medicare needs, and the role our financial advisors play. The end result creates relieved and well served clients, with astute financial advisors more confidently guiding clients through Medicare, and then LTC, lifetime income, and other needs within the client’s financial plan.

-Michael / Financial Advisor

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